Beneath this unlined paper a powerful prayer is born
a prayer that is greater than ever from a heart that has been torn
so many times this prayers been lost amongst the darkest mind
and now my heart is open and I leave the black behind
there is no room for ego no spaces left for lies
I’m opening, accepting and that part of me just dies
and what gives birth is boundless magnificence takes place
what I feel within me is the innocence of Grace
a presence that is woman flowing, bold and strong
I look at my reflection and I see that nothings wrong
the time has come to open that time is here and now
the time to let give rise to a new and healthy vow
a vow to stay wide open to truth, to trust, to love
I offer up my vow, my prayer to the heavens up above
and now I rest in silence whilst I softly breathe
and all that Grace will offer me I’m open to receive
the cocoon of shame is broken there is nowhere left to hide
the fear of doubt is over to reveal what is inside
a butterfly emerges the wings of life unfold
and in my hands I have a gift the light of Grace I hold
and guided by this light I soar across the seas
embracing stormy weather never dropping to my knees
my heart it opens wider to what may lay ahead
for the darkness that was in me is now and truly dead
the angels that surround me with a loving warm embrace
guide me oh so gently through the challenges I face
it’s time, it’s time to let go, to spread my wings and fly
to the woman who I used to be, Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Copyright  © 2010 Sheree Carbery

Sheree Carbery is a 38 year old solo mother.  She is Director of Conscious Women, a group of women dedicated to making a difference on the planet.  She is also a holistic coach and healer who has healed through the darkness of PND, psychosis, sexual abuse and drug addiction.  Poetry and prose has been a powerful healing tool and she is currently writing a stage play and a book.



By 'Gorgeous Disorders'

Its called
A David Pond Dress and A Paul Smith Jacket-

Daddies little Darling.

Old enough to bleed-big enough to butcher-
Leave my girl parts alone now please-

Click hopping around my flat-dancing with ghosts.
Raising my glass to no host,
just in love with the Sony Sounds.
I trip hop around. -Smiling-

“U ugly fat fucker” gangly B’s hassling me again, he comes in Jolts.
Leave my girl parts alone now-Please-!!-The Cast of the past,
They only ever come, un invited. Is like trying 2 un tie wire

Getting rid of them.-

The Anti-family-

Fuck Em-

I am grooving with my 5 CD shuffle-

Copyright © 2010 Louise aka ‘Gorgeous Disorders’

Gorgeous Disorders busted on to stage in Edinburgh in the early 80′s as a Performance Poet.  She is Dyslexic and has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as her main diagnosis.  She was also an in-patient at Sunnyside Hospital in New Zealand.  Gorgeous has attended creative writing classes and is now actively involved in Live Theatre in New Zealand.