My Depression is a Room

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with walls patterned
in a random design

confusing     distracting

drawing me deeper

where the floor’s an illusion
a step onto quicksand

unstable     unpredictable

sucking me down

where the ceiling swings with moods
caught on the scraps of words

frustration      strikes!

before I can duck

with a faint glow reaching
from a crack under the bolted door

my strength     determination

aren’t I lucky

where a sick experience of pain
washes through the naked space

uncomfortable     irritation

my gut reaction

where the atmosphere’s a firm conviction
that sleep is not a friend

the hours merely nag     mock

as cockroaches scuttle

Copyright © 2010 Kirsten Cliff

Kirsten Cliff currently spends her days creating a collection of haiga (haiku poems with images) to help her mentally and spiritually process her recent journey through leukaemia. Her haiku have been published in journals and anthologies, and placed in competitions, in both New Zealand and overseas. Kirsten lives with her fiancé (also a writer and poet) in a house dedicated to writing, “Wordsmith House”, in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty.