Largely Happy

You took the man I married
the man who loved me

You kidnapped and killed
a man who brought me kittens and cream cake
and endless laughter
Who said he’d love me the rest of his life.

What rest did I get after you took his?

Now I live with a facsimile
who thinks I have his worst interests at heart
Who doesn’t see my heart breaking
As I try to reason, be logical, love him

I ask, ‘Coffee darling?’
He hears, ‘Useless bastard!’
I go shopping
He says I’m soliciting

Friends are hired killers
He thinks I have a demon

I wake to find him watching me
Our sharpest knife in his hand

Copyright © 2010 Lynda Finn

My darling husband was schizophrenic. He died, having been discharged “into the care of the community” with no doctor or social-worker follow-up. Believing he had cancer, and having been refused financial help by the government, he starved himself to death.


The Heart Key

Death becomes my own heart; from red to black
The Heart-Key did what it wilt and beat for to have her love.
Unrequited love devours itself as
Death becomes my own heart.

I stab myself in the heart.
The hole of the heart is where the love is;
From the heart’s hole
Comes the soul of a suicide star
Into the white fire, into the black flames, into the red flares
Of the beauty of love that is the Unrequited Female Will.

Love is my Will: let it bleed.

Will and Love devour me.
Will and love are the soul of her.
Will and love are the soul of Death.
Will and Love devour me.

My Heart-Key opens the lock of the spaceship of Horus
And do thank her
For this beautiful experience of Unrequited Love and Will.

Copyright © 2010 Jarrod Dickson

Jarrod Dickson was born on the 22nd of October, 1986.  He grew up in Hahei in the Coromandel and went to Dilworth School.  Jarrod currently resides in Auckland and is studying towards a BA at Auckland University.  He is an avid writer and has had a novella published by Chipmunka Publishing in the UK.  Jarrod was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 20 and has spent time in a psychiatric hospital for psychosis.