I became negative when

I had a blood test

until then…

I was positively worried

Copyright © 2010 Noodle E. String

Noodle Earth String……..street poet of K’ Rd, Auckland and Titirangi Village, circa ’98-2005.  First came to fame on TVNZ’s ” the Gong show ” and then on TVNZ’s Backchat with Bill Rolston.  Had a poem published 700 000 times+ in 2004, thru Hubbards cereal boxes.  Winner of Auckland’s first ever poetry slam @ the Temple Bar, Queen St.  Performed live with his son and his dog on National TV for NZ National poetry day, 2004.  Sold over 2000 handwritten copies of his work on recycled Tetra Brik packaging, making him NZ’s most published poet per volume of sale 2003-2004.



I lie in this bed
with no energy left to burn
no matter how hard I try
there’s just nothing left.

I gaze out the window
as blood is being pumped into my veins
I’m hopeful
as some kind soul
has given me the chance
At feeling normal again.

Pills, water and food
all take a lot of energy
just to swallow
though I know
all will help in the long run.

The hours tick by
as my veins get filled with healthy blood
three hours and the first bag is flowing
among my bodies’ tissue and organs.

Bag two is up
another long three hours
have just begun
as I lay here and watch
blood trickling down the tube.

I hope to feel human again
as new replaces the old
I beg for improvement
but only time can tell.

I watch the blood
as it drips into the river
which flows freely
inside my body.

I soak up my surroundings
the sterile smell
the plain white sheets
people in uniform
all line the corridors.

There are no happy faces here
just the look of concentration and concern
as the unknown of everyone’s situation
spills out among the atmosphere.

Everyone here is aiming for the same target
though reality is, not all will get there.

Copyright  © 2010 Keryn Densem

Keryn Densem is a 22 year old living in Canterbury.  Keryn has been writing for the last seven years as an outlet through her struggles with depression, anxiety and various health problems including the recent diagnosis of a chronic blood condition.  Her main inspiration is her twin brother who fought childhood cancer and now lives with the serious late effects of his illness and the treatments he had to beat it.