Photographer: Wendy Sama
Image used with permission

I am a child of mother earth

A gift I was given unto

My body and spirit a temple

I am free an only I command it true

Of only happy and gentle souls

Of those which disrespect it

Must be a devil on burning coals

I have been gifted a loving spirit

And my temple I shall protect

Only a privilege to those if I allow it

Or be in their spirit I shall reject

Forgive all that believe in their right

To cross through my temple gate

They are but naive and selfish spirits

The word “No” only the devil does hate

Where but hell gives a spirit the right

On another to force it’s wants and greed

To touch uninvited beyond ones boundary

Abusing a personal gift, only rejection you shall feed

The key to my temple and sanctuary

Lay in the gift gives, not in a kiss

If I withhold the key and NO is spoken

Don’t force your touch, your spirit I will dismiss

Copyright © 2008, Shannan Walsh

Hi my name is Shannan, I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager, I have suffered from Anxiety and Depression for many years and writing has been a great therapy. I have had to deal with alcohol and drug addiction in the past. I had a child hood which involved battling with suicide and low self esteem which developed into anger and addiction. My words are my life and the roads I have travelled and I have kept them very private for many years, I am finally ready to share these poems and I am sure many out there will relate and I hope know they are not alone.






There is not a soul alive that seems to understand me

Not even my closest companions, not even my family

My bedroom drawer is packed with prescriptions

Making sleeping pills the main of my many addictions

Every social situation that I’ve tried hard to avoid

Has resulted in me being labelled paranoid

Regular visits to the clinic of psychiatry

But still, no one could help with my inner anxiety

The fear of being watched, judged and scrutinized

Has forced me to wish that one day I’d be euthanized

Ever since childhood, shyness was difficult to abolish

And throughout adolescence, seclusion was my only solace

Till this day, I pray to be saved from this internal disaster

If only I could convince God to answer.


Copyright © 2014 Grant Kingi

 Hello, my name is Grant Kingi and i’m a psychology student at Otago University. This poem I have written was inspired by the anxiety that I experience when in public or in social situations. I have not been diagnosed with social anxiety but I have undergone a series of psychiatric/ psychotherapeutic tests which indicate that I possess more milder symptoms of the disorder. I realize that the problem could be rooted deep in my past. As a child, I was shunted from foster home to foster home and as a consequence, I began to feel chronically insecure. This is my story…


Beneath this unlined paper a powerful prayer is born
a prayer that is greater than ever from a heart that has been torn
so many times this prayers been lost amongst the darkest mind
and now my heart is open and I leave the black behind
there is no room for ego no spaces left for lies
I’m opening, accepting and that part of me just dies
and what gives birth is boundless magnificence takes place
what I feel within me is the innocence of Grace
a presence that is woman flowing, bold and strong
I look at my reflection and I see that nothings wrong
the time has come to open that time is here and now
the time to let give rise to a new and healthy vow
a vow to stay wide open to truth, to trust, to love
I offer up my vow, my prayer to the heavens up above
and now I rest in silence whilst I softly breathe
and all that Grace will offer me I’m open to receive
the cocoon of shame is broken there is nowhere left to hide
the fear of doubt is over to reveal what is inside
a butterfly emerges the wings of life unfold
and in my hands I have a gift the light of Grace I hold
and guided by this light I soar across the seas
embracing stormy weather never dropping to my knees
my heart it opens wider to what may lay ahead
for the darkness that was in me is now and truly dead
the angels that surround me with a loving warm embrace
guide me oh so gently through the challenges I face
it’s time, it’s time to let go, to spread my wings and fly
to the woman who I used to be, Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Copyright  © 2010 Sheree Carbery

Sheree Carbery is a 38 year old solo mother.  She is Director of Conscious Women, a group of women dedicated to making a difference on the planet.  She is also a holistic coach and healer who has healed through the darkness of PND, psychosis, sexual abuse and drug addiction.  Poetry and prose has been a powerful healing tool and she is currently writing a stage play and a book.