The Midnight Sun


Photographer: Teira Naahi
Photo used with permission

A frightening amount of random words
Equaled only by a total lack of expression
The one hundred thousand impossibilities tackled before dawn
Leaving another empty day wanting

Wooden chairs
Blank canvas
A committee in revolt
Plastic forks

I had thought upon the days end that great progress had been made
Three of the nine had agreed to not speak such senseless things
While the remaining six called for all the mirrors to be removed

No hair
Nicotine habitat

Then the memory returned that progress comes from work completed

So to task I take this sleepless night and again the impossibilities tackled
And again the morrow will stand empty
Frustratingly familiar breeding contempt
But we have raged for the last time
There is nothing in our eyes
Yet there is something in the air.

Copyright © 2015, Clayton Taylor-Nelson aka Teira Naahi

Clayton Taylor-Nelson aka Teira Naahi was born in Auckland New Zealand. He is no stranger to Mental Health. Teira was inadvertently institutionalized in an Australian psyche hospital for children, at the age of 8, and released at the age of 14 then returned to NZ on his own. Drawing from multiple art disciplines to find new solutions and expressions for life’s complex situations, Teira has spent over 25 years producing art, music and poetry as a means of exploring and coping with mental health under the banner of “Rewiring The Self Through Art!”.


One thought on “The Midnight Sun

  1. Jodine December 14, 2015 / 10:47 am

    Teira Naahi has kindly given permission to publish his photograph here. Jx

    Liked by 1 person

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