Kenspeckle Blue


Life is strange
I was strange and I was alive

I was once observed as a black sheep
garbed in rainbow hippy clothing

To most of those other sheep roving
I was then resolute and self assured
Determined  to be more like those around me
It’s taken me years to change my mind

Now that I have succeeded in doing so
I am desperate to have that fifty four year old
unyielding mind back
self confidence is now what I really lack

The straw that broke the camel’s back
Is that I now go to extremes much easier

Am I normal now and really just a stranger to myself?

Copyright © 2015, Steve.Brother-Majik

 Steve.Brother-Majik suffers from schizotypal personality disorder and is a self employed signwriter with a low power fm radio station ‘Radio Wild-Card’ and owns his own home in Wanganui East, Whanganui



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