A passenger’s clarity

Trapped in Car

a passenger’s clarity


spoiled light, a has-been sheen

promises and promise left by the side of the road

as annoying as a rush-hour puncture


streaming out of the lustrous, jubilant morning

into late afternoon loss and tiredness

sitting behind the wheel she doesn’t acknowledge

my failure to change our lives


an overwhelming sense of staleness

brushes my face

I want to push the windscreen out

shout: “someone’s dying in here”


there’s hundreds of us moving steadily

in parcelled cars

suddenly aware

despite fevered efforts

we can’t find our way home


Copyright © 2014 Keith Nunes

Keith Nunes is a former newspaper journalist who now writes to stay sane. He’s been published widely Down Under and lives in rural Bay of Plenty with a retinue of nutters.



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