Alsoyn Dresepsion Dthymysia Brdleya Fierngs Fists
Five Silver Liinngs Bnlid Buldiings
Diiovisn Lkie Misnd Like Clayton Manedss Melahoncly Mental
Payne Pain Health  Intrecosption Jewelie Jinode
Barr New Order Poerty Out West

Protiomng Mtaenl Health Rveceory from Mental Ileslns
Silent Pain Sing Smtory Weheatr Suciide Syalvi
Plath Teira Naahi Tanhe W Zaendr Tir Na Nog Waiktaere
Taylor-Neslon Corntol Detah  Epiplesy Flerows

Frida Pablo God Grief Hope
Mental Iellnss MH 01 Miriam Hysteria
Ian Crtius Drenea Butler Joy  Mine Louise

Copyright © 2010 Steve McCabe

Steve McCabe is a musician, songwriter, computer programmer and systems analyst.  He is currently living in Te Puru, on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand.  Steve was born in 1966.  He suffered a heart attack at the young age of 36 and has bouts of clinical depression with panic attacks.  He has been taking Arapax (Paroxetine) for last few years.


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