Drowning in Words

By 'Gorgeous Disorders'

Drowning in words-drowsing with words-nah rattling with them-wasps in my head with words on the side-there’s no word smoothness just a harsh over ride– cos there’s a war on terror-there’s a war on words-

They weren’t just phases hanging loose on a street corner–ya know-!!
Ya don’t just date them with any one-war language-stop molesting those words

War on terror-war on words-invasion -migration of ugly words-its like a day long advert-abduction- torture -rendition-extort-distort-
Contradictory statements morphed in2 chimp chatter and talk-that takes me No where I wanta go-g–collateral damage- arrghh-what the fuck-

Shock and Awe–what’s that say about an invasion that never was a war-
Taking the punch outta the pack -they’re line dancing pre-the attack-
The quarterback threw a Long bomb 2 win this one with the help of the swelled map- There’s a war on terror there’s a ward on words-

Verbal sparring-linguistic bombings-metaphors take us 2 muddy water-charcoal charring takes us away from the real consequences-the blood spatter ends up =ing a Jackson Pollock

The mission is transparent–uncomplicated–yeah right-
The psychology of language turning thoughts in2tight
The messing with our heads means we’re missing the absurd

Redefining Torture—the ugliest 2 coupled words I’ve ever heard-

Copyright © 2010  ‘GorgeousDisorders’

Contributor’s Note:
Gorgeous Disorders busted on to stage in Edinburgh in the early 80’s as a Performance Poet.  She is Dyslexic and has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as her main diagnosis.  She was also an in-patient at Sunnyside Hospital in New Zealand.  Gorgeous has attended creative writing classes and is now actively involved in Live Theatre in New Zealand.


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